Vanilla sky (by Yulia Sidorenko)

We found a fashionista at #LFW fully entrenched in our history 2.0 megatrend for #SS15 #streetstyle

David Koma Spring 2015 RTW

Clément Chabernaud by Camila Falquez - ICON Magazine

I appreciate the irony of this on a blog filled with photos of perfect women

Richard Nicoll S/S 2015


i feel like the most cynical person but i can’t even find it in me to be astounded at the bullshit around the kent state urban outfitters thing (which i will not link to, because i’m not giving them the traffic). all roads of capitalism led to this point. their response was gaslighting 101 also. none of this is surprising. this is something that has been set up to happen. boycotting doesn’t actually change anything. they can do outrageous things because people will still buy from the brand in other categories. boycotting doesn’t break down the machine. and isn’t that horrible? to feel so helpless? we are at a point where consumers are quite helpless against an uncaring void of a being. because brands, they really don’t care about you. not as a singular person. that era of economy died a long time back, before malls became a thing. that kind of caring is only reserved for the upper middle class and higher ups, with private accounts and personal sales associates. as much as fashion is a breathing thing of art and affect it’s more a calculated structure you have to claw through class divides and complicate. fashion doesn’t have empathy. empathy is a marketing measurement only there to counterbalance and provide narrative for the times they show their uncaring ass when it comes to violence. violence gets them the clickthrough, the backlash gets them the clickthrough, as long as they get the clickthrough, they don’t care, they don’t care at all. and boycotting as a singular person - it’s not going to change that

we have to understand what we’ve done as a community to generate sales and desire and the marketing power and culture that makes these things okay. the kent state sweatshirt is linked to all the violence glorified in past urban outfitters shenanigans, this is a cycle of violence and production. they’re manufacturing outrage and clickthroughs as sure as they’re manufacturing the cheap ass poly-blend bloodstains. and we have to understand how we got to this point. because we’re here, now, you know, in a place where fashion is so proudly and cheaply immoral that people are now profiting off our outrage. fashion as an industry has long been immoral — thats embedded into the structure of fast fashion. but now you’re seeing it glob onto all kinds of tragedies, and you’re surprised, and it’s like, were we not warned? this has happened systematically, and we’re surprised? were we not warned? were we not warned???? all roads lead to i told you so. 

and to talk about how we’ve been led to this point would decenter the tragedy in some ways and so all i can do is watch. but listen, they’re not sorry at all. this is performance art. this is pr. it’s going to keep happening, you know. we need to examine ourselves as much as we examine the brands. brands are run by people. how did we get here, together? how can we help? how do we do more than just watch?

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